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How can I help you buy a home?

Whether you are a first time homebuyer or a seasoned real estate veteran, let me assist you in the search for that perfect home! My job as your agent is to make the process easier and less stressful for you. There are several ways that I do this, including:


1) Get you pre-approved with a lender. I will explain the various types of loans and programs available and advise you on which program would work best for your situation. You should get pre-approved for a home loan prior to starting your home search.


2)  Help you understand the process. The home buying process is an important process to understand, because typically, buying a home is the single largest and most important financial transaction a person will make in their entire life, and it will have long lasting implications on their overall financial health. Knowing what the steps are in the process and understanding them will help you make good decisions and avoid some common mistakes. A detailed transaction timeline can be found here.

3) Help you find a home.  I will provide you with the most current information about  properties on the market and will counsel you on location, neighborhood, schools, and other factors. I will send you daily prospecting e-mails tailored towards your specific needs and communicate with you in the method you most prefer - call, text, e-mail, or messenger pigeon.

4) Show you homes. I will be available to show you homes during times that best fit your busy schedule, including evenings and weekends.  Sometimes I do go out of town, but I will communicate my absence with you in advance and have someone available to you in case you should need.


5) Help you write a winning offer. Once you’ve located the right place, I will meet with you to discuss offer specifics and how to make your offer stand out in a competitive market. I will make sure you understand the pertinent timeframes and legal intricacies of the contract that you are agreeing to.

6) Arrange Inspections. I will assist you in finding a home inspector that you can depend on to give you the low down on the true state of any home you are interested in buying. I will also advise you on any additional inspections that may apply to the home you are looking at, including well, septic, sewer scope, radon, mold, lead paint, etc. These are all potential stumbling blocks that could cause issues in your sale or cost you as a homeowner.

7) Negotiate on your behalf. I work with the other party directly to come to contract terms that best suit your needs and wants including price, credits, repairs, possession date, or personal property. There is always a give and take and I will advise you on what to focus on and what to let go of. Ultimately the market will have an impact on sale terms, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tip the scales in your favor through some negotiating.

8) Communicate with all parties. Everyone needs to be on the same page for a home purchase to go smoothly. It is my job to keep everyone informed, including the seller’s agent, your lender, title and escrow. I know how to measure the importance of information and know who needs what and when to keep the ball rolling.

9) Keep track of important deadlines and paperwork. I will help keep you in compliance with important contract timeframes, assist you in reviewing documents such as disclosures and reports, and protect you by making sure you adhere to the legal guidelines of the sale agreement.

10) Get you to closing. You only need to make it through the closing to finally get your home! But there are a surprising number of details involved in a closing, all of which need to be wrapped up before you officially become the owner of the home. I will take care of all the loose ends so that the closing goes through without a hitch, and will be there alongside you at the closing so you have support and advice should you need it.


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